Projects of Our Group

Funded Research Projects (Ongoing)

  1. 自成长复杂软件系统构建方法与运行支撑研究(Research on System Construction and Runtime Support for Growing Complex Software, NSFC 61932021)
  2. 应对智能移动计算平台演化的应用软件质量保障技术的研究(Automated Software Quality Assurance Techniques for Taming Application Issues Induced by the Evolution of Mobile Computing Platforms, NSFC 61802164)
  3. Enabling Developers and Manufacturers to Tame Android Compatibility Issues (GRF16202917)

Funded Research Projects (Completed)

  1. 基于静态分析的Android应用死循环检测 (Automated Detection of Inifinite Loops in Android Applications via Static Analysis, collaborative project with Huawei)